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The Franklin County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Center is the answering point for all 9-1-1 calls within the County.  It is a centralized communications hub that provides a number of  services for numerous law enforcement components, public safety officials, emergency medical services, and a number of other public service entities. The Communication  Center  runs 24 hours a day 365 days a year regardless of weather  conditions.

Individuals employed in the Communications Center must have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, handle multiple tasks, and identify work priorities.  They are responsible for monitoring all of the emergency communications within the County and assigning public services when necessary. These individuals must be able to correctly ascertain the nature of a call, the location of the incident and the extent of the emergency.   Failure to properly  identify and assign an emergency call could result in delay of services, misdirect  of  emergency  personnel, and in certain situations, serious injury or even death.   They must also be able to quickly identify and overcome human errors made by the caller.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career as a public safety dispatcher must  undergo a series of tests in order to be considered for hire.  Although a college education is not required as  condition of employment, applicants are required to pass written, oral and performance tests prior to be accepted into the field.


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Message from the Sheriff



seat belts 341b7Today, Franklin County Sheriff Bill Overton urged residents to wear their seat belts. "In 2016, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that nearly 15,000 lives were saved in our nation by using seat belts. Many in our county are already doing this, but some are not. I am encouraging all to wear your seat belts, it is a proven life saver and, in many cases, reduces the risk of more serious injury. Drive responsibly and arrive home safe to your family each day."






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The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office begins on Tuesday, August 14th and runs for 12 weeks. Held on consecutive Tuesday nights, starting after day time work hours, it allows the residents of Franklin County an in-depth look inside their sheriff's office. "Students" will learn, weekly, about every facet of what our office does on a day-to-day basis.  Portions of the academy will be classroom and segments will allow attendees to have a "hands on" experience to various elements of the job of a deputy sheriff. For more information or to receive a flyer contact Training Office, Sgt. Darryl King at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 540-483-6850







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June 13th, The Franklin County Sheriff's Office conducted another drug interdiction event in several areas of the county. Interdiction information can be viewed by clicking:






scam alert 277e0

Thursday, June 7th, Sheriff Bill Overton warned Franklin County residents of a new scam attempt our office is hearing about. Scammers are calling and pretending to be from Publisher's Clearing House, claiming you have won millions of dollars. Then, you are asked to purchase redeemable cards. The perpetrators are wanting these cards to be as high as $1,500.00. You are given a number to call where, supposedly, you will be told where to mail these money cards. Be wise, don't be the next victim of scammers! On this website, see "View All Flyers Here". Scroll down to "Scammers" and see more information about this type crime.






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Sheriff Bill Overton announces the 2018 Citizen's Academy, offering this training FREE to the public. There is an application procedure. Classes begin on August 14th and end on October 30 and all classes are on Tuesdays (once a week). In the "View All Flyers", above, you will see the application. If interested, please fill out the back section and email, postal mail or bring by the Sheriff's Office. These classes are fantastic and you are guaranteed to learn things about the Office of the Sheriff you never knew. Plus, all graduates are allowed to apply for our COPS program, where you can volunteer some time to be very involved in our office. Class has a limited, so get you application in soon. Contact Sgt. Darryl King if you have questions, call 540-483-6850.





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