Client Eligibility & Confidentiality

Client Eligibility

The following are basic guidelines of eligibility for admission into the Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter Program:

  • Resident of Franklin County.
  • At least 18 years of age with or without children and who is a victim of domestic violence. This includes abuse of the following types:
    • Emotional
    • Physical
    • Psychological
    • Sexual
    • Verbal
  • If needed, the victim will obtain medical attention before being admitted into the physical shelter. Staff may meet the client, in the emergency room, if needed.
  • Agree, in writing, they understand the Resident Responsibilities of the Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter Program and will follow them while in the program or at any safe house or other location obtained for the safety of the domestic violence victim. This includes a confidentiality statement.

Confidentiality Statement

All clients of the Family Resource Center retain rights guaranteed to them by the Virginia Statute 37.1-84 and all appropriate state and federal laws. Staff and volunteers will treat all clients with respect for basic human dignity and follow sound principles of human growth and development. Family Resource Center encourages client self-determination and self-empowerment.

All communication between the client and staff or volunteers (records, verbal discussion, written messages) is confidential. Though members of the Family Resource Center team may discuss details of a client's case in order to provide effective services, no information will be disclosed to outside persons or agencies.

Exceptions to Policy of Confidentiality

Seven exceptions exist to this Policy of Confidentiality. They are as follows:

  • When a crime occurs on The Franklin County Family Resource Center's property, and it has been determined that law enforcement should be involved
  • Client gives written consent for release of information
  • Staff believes the life of the client or another person, is in danger, the "duty to warn"
  • Staff believes there may be child abuse or neglect in the client's family
  • When an Adult Family Violence Fatality Review Team established under Virginia Code section 32.1-283.3 requests information after the death of a service participant for the purpose of preventing future incidents of family violence; confidentiality of this information must be protected by the Fatality Review Team members, individually and collectively
  • Staff believes these may be adult abuse or neglect in the clients' family
  • Subpoenas, warrants, or service of legal documents