Land Development Ordinance Update

Franklin County, Virginia, is currently updating its code requirements related to land use and development, commonly known as the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. These ordinances help to guide growth and development by governing how land is used, arranged, and built upon. The ordinances play a vital role in protecting property rights by mitigating the potential impacts of development, and by establishing clear expectations for investment decisions.


The Land Development Ordinance Update consists of six phases, or "tasks":

  1. Project Initiation: Identify critical issues, and establish a Technical Advisory Committee to review assumptions and draft ordinance text.
  2. Demand/Capacity Analysis: Analyze land availability, market demand, and the effects of regulation under various scenarios.
  3. Diagnosis: Assess how the existing code is working, and prepare a detailed outline for efficient and user-friendly code structure.
  4. Public Outreach: Employ various and innovative approaches to maximize public input in all areas of the County.
  5. Recommendations: Present a series of "best practices" for code development.
  6. Draft Ordinance Language: Develop the code, solicit public comment, and adopt and implement.

Update Documents