Union Hall Area Plan

Union Hall Presentation to the Board of Supervisors (March 15, 2022)

EPR, Inc. and Michael Baker International presented the following presentation to the Board of Supervisors to identify Comprehensive Plan and zoning paths to implementing a village development strategy. View the Franklin County Gap Presentation (PDF).  The following charts explain the four (4) transect features discussed in the PowerPoint presented to the Board of Supervisors.  View the Franklin County Gap Charts (PDF)

Union Hall Village Plan Survey Results 

Thank all of you who participated in the Union Hall Village Plan Survey.  County staff received 327 responses for the survey!  Great Job!  If you were unable to take the survey, there will be other times to comment during this process. Thank you for all the support of the Union Hall Community.  2021 Union Hall Village Plan Survey Results

Plan for the Future of Union Hall

There was a meeting held on Tuesday, October 5th at 6:00 p.m. at Franklin Heights Church – Union Hall Campus, 527 Dillards Hill Road, Union Hall, Virginia.  View the Union Hall Village Plan Presentation (PDF) from that meeting.

2013 - 2014 Information 

In March, 2013, a survey was mailed to all property owners within the Union Hall zip code. Out of nearly 1,500 surveys mailed, the County received feedback from more than 450 property owners. View the Results of the Union Hall Survey (PDF) presented at workshops held in April of 2013.

The Franklin County Board of Supervisors adopted their first Village Plan (Area Plan) on March 18, 2014 located in Union Hall.

View the 2014 Union Hall Village Plan (PDF).