Manned Green Box Sites

The manned green box sites are secure and watched for safety and compliance.  

  • Most of these sites have the large roll off containers for bulk waste (furniture) and scrap metal.
  • The Hardy and Lake Watch sites have a container for small amounts of residential brush.  Truck and trailer loads are NOT ALLOWED and must go to the Landfill.  
  • Tires are accepted for a small fee at these sites.  See the attendant for the fee schedule.  Commercial Hauler and Tire Shops MUST take their tires to the Landfill.  
  • The attendants have the authority to request proof of Franklin County Residency or Tax Payment.
  • Trailer loads of waste may be rejected at manned sites and diverted to Landfill.
  • Paint cans can be accepted at these sites if paint is dried up on a media like cat litter or sawdust.  We cannot accept any flowing liquids.

Collection Sites

View the nearby Collection Sites.


Monday through Friday
7 am to 7 pm

8 am to 6 pm

10 am to 6 pm

Holiday Hours
Same as Above except CLOSED for Christmas Day

Rules for Residential Waste and Brush

There are certain rules for residents to follow in order to use these sites.  Existing laws will remain in effect and will be strictly enforced.

Rules for Residential Waste (PDF)

Rules for Residential Brush (PDF)