Crime Prevention

The Office of the Sheriff believes proactive policing and utilizing effective Crime Prevention Programs in partnership with the citizens of the County remain integral in reducing crime within the community. Although every employee of the Sheriff's Office is responsible for achieving effective community relations objectives on a daily basis, additional opportunities exists for citizens of the community to get more involved in their neighborhood. Two such crime prevention programs currently being utilized in Franklin County include the Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch programs.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program commonly referred to as crime watch, where citizens stay actively involved with other citizens that reside within their direct community. It is an organized group of individuals that remain committed to deterring and preventing crime and vandalism within their neighborhood. This program educates citizens of the community on security and safety and how to better achieve safe and secure neighborhoods by working collectively for the same cause.

Business Watch

Business Watch is a program that operates under a similar premise as the Neighborhood Watch program, with the exception that it is geared toward business owners in the commercial environment. One distinct differentiation between it and the Neighborhood Watch Program is that patrol deputies perform business checks at establishments located within their assigned sector and leave a written notice notifying business owners the date and time the business check was accomplished.