Rural Regional Long-Range

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and 20 planning district commissions (PDCs) throughout the commonwealth are partnering to evaluate the State's rural transportation system and to recommend a range of transportation improvements that best satisfy existing and future needs. This partnership will result in a regional plan that identifies needs based upon goals and objectives established by each region. Improving the transportation system remains vital to improving the quality of life and continued economic growth and prosperity in Virginia. Providing for the effective, safe, and efficient movement of people and goods is a basic goal of all transportation programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Local benefits include:

  • Assistance with comprehensive plan updates and traffic impact studies (Chapter 527)
  • Effects of land use and development
  • Identification of transportation deficiencies and recommendations of remedies
  • Programming of transportation improvements

2035 State Highway Plan

Once completed, the regional transportation plans will be incorporated into Virginia's 2035 State Highway Plan. The statewide highway plan is developed by VDOT to identify needs and recommend solutions for the commonwealth's interstate and primary highway systems. The regional transportation plans serve as the building blocks for the State Highway Plan and are being developed in cooperation with planning districts commissions throughout the commonwealth. These rural focused plans will complement the transportation plans that currently exist for metropolitan areas of Virginia.

For more information, check out the following resources:

Additional Regional information will be listed as it becomes available. Once adopted, plans will be posted.