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Posted on: August 19, 2021

Member Spotlight - August 2021

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Keith has been with Rocky Mount Volunteer Fire Department for 24 years. He is the Traffic/Security Officer for Franklin County Schools that you may see dancing and showing off his moves while directing traffic before and after school.  Keith says, “I started in rescue and loved that 4 years.  Later, I took a job at Lane Company.  While there, I was put on the Fire Brigade where my first love flamed, that grew into a lifetime passion for the fire service.  I left rescue and joined the brotherhood at RMFD.  I previously served 8 years as Lieutenant and 5 years as Assistant Chief.  I will always do what is best for the community, others, and mainly the department.  I stepped down from leadership roles to help restructure and train the entry team (the group of men and women that enter a structure when it is on fire).  So, if one ever asks what makes a great leader or line officer, it is always doing what is best for the life of the department or group that you serve.”

Keith was asked, if he could have a superpower what would it be.  He said, “To be able to fix any broken heart.” His favorite colors are green and yellow, his favorite song is “One Less Day” by Rob Thomas, and his favorite food is salad.  His hobbies include walking, hiking, and working on raised garden beds.  

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