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Posted on: February 3, 2022

Member Spotlight - February 2022

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Jeff Echternach – Station 15

Jeff Echternach is a paramedic, fire instructor, and holds a variety of fire certifications.  He has a master’s degree in business and holds several data and IT related certifications. He grew up on the county line in Boones Mill.  He moved to the Hardy area in 2010 where he currently resides.

Jeff began volunteering in 2002 with Boones Mill Fire and Rescue, then with Franklin County Rescue Squad, then with Red Valley Rescue Squad. He has been employed by Public Safety for the last 5 years in a part-time capacity. Recently, Jeff had the privilege of supporting the data and IT functions of Public Safety, including backup support for the communications system. In addition to working for Public Safety, he works as the Chief Technology Officer for a Boston-based consulting firm as well as a data consultant for Carilion Clinic.

Jeff lives with his partner of 8 years and their cats, which they treat like kids!  He enjoys handy work and always has a few home projects in progress at the house!

Jeff says, “I value this organization and want to see it continuously improve. After losing my father in the line of duty in 2012, I have only felt an increasing commitment to this organization’s provider safety and overall success.  I firmly believe that we succeed as a team, and by focusing on what binds us together as a Public Safety family will contribute to our continued success. I am excited for the future opportunities that lay ahead!”

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